I'm Erena

I assist creatives in transforming their creative magic into something useful for the online world.
I can help you understand what you can do with your creativity, whether you are an artist, a side hustle idea generator, or simply testing the waters.

My story

With a degree in Applied Arts - Digital Arts Major, a Masters in Design, and a background in tertiary teaching, I realised there was something wrong.

I had no idea what to do next!

With this problem on my mind, I went out in search of the much-needed solutions. I knew I had gathered a plethora of tools to prepare myself for 'something,' but putting the pieces together like a puzzle was beyond me.

I began to unravel the undercurrent of my creative processes after numerous conversations with creatives and enrolling in an entrepreneur programme. This creative process was the heartbeat that drove me to complete any projects I imagined in my head. From the conception of an idea to its final realisation.

So, using this unique technique, I've been able to create, test, and bring things to fruition.

Throughout this journey, I've discovered numerous ways to assist others in achieving their ideal goals; all you need is a problem, and I'll offer a variety of solutions. All it takes is a little hope, a lot of grit, tough commitment, and a whole lot of laughter!

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For me it's about sharing ways to accomplish something

Life is full of surprises, and nothing is ever as it appears. What we want and hope to achieve does not always work out the way we anticipated it would, however, without a plan, nothing changes and everything remains the same.

Creative Learning Resources


Providing learning resources for Creatives/Mentors/Achievers

For documenting one's creative process from beginning to end, there is no better tool than the Creative Journal.

How to Map Out Your Idea Without Getting Lost

The ability to navigate is not only reserved for voyagers; creatives must also navigate through their skills, attributes, and how that fits within their ideal direction.